Thursday, October 1, 2015

7th Street Haunt Review: by Michala Tyann


Disclaimer: I personally do not enjoy giving negative reviews. I believe there is always a little of good in anything, even from a negative experience. I always share my experiences honestly and candidly. However these are my personal experiences. 

Last year our Danger Run experience took us to the SeventhStreet Haunt. (This year they are separate.) Initially, the line was not very long; we did get there pretty late however. We were greeted by Nana Hannah and we absolutely LOVED her. 

I was super pleased to see her again this year! She is truly a show all on her own.  When we went in we got our picture taken. This is one aspect of the 7th Street Haunt that I think is brilliant. I was
Nana Hannah
recently asked why people enjoy going to haunted houses. I compared the experience to that of riding a roller coaster. You get a ‘high’ when you experience the thrill of it. And just as you get a picture on most roller coasters these days, 7th Street offers you the same thing. I like that they do it in the beginning because it sets the ‘mood’ for what you are going to be going into.

7th Street Haunt claims to be the biggest haunted attraction in all of Kentucky. I can’t vouch for that but I
will say that while you are inside this haunt YOU FEEL IT. I mean, it goes on and on and on. They are bustling with activity under that roof. They have two main features, a coffin experience which they call the Casket Experience and the Institutionally Challenged side attraction.

We started with The Experiment. This incorporated all types of creatures, zombies, mad scientists, and more. Then we went through the Fort Harmony’s Revenge. I won’t go into too much detail because I refuse to give away anything. No Spoilers here!

The Experiment was my absolute favorite part. It felt like I was in there for an eternity. The second one, Fort Harmony’s Revenge was great too but I unquestionably choose The Experiment as my favorite.

 The growth of the whole 7th Street Haunt from last year to this year was enormously
I know her!!
apparent. The costumes were dazzling. The make-up…oh my goodness! WOW. There are no words to define how realistic everything was and how devilishly and deliciously marvelous it all was. And the time and energy spent behind creating the scenery and the themes was evident.  The animatronics were superb. There were times that I wondered whether something was real or not, human or machine. Everything was times perfectly as I wondered through the haunt.

If I had to choose my favs throughout the entire experience I would say THE EXPERIMENT was numero uno for its fast pace and freakishly scary actors and scenes. There were two little girls (real-not machine) who stunned me with their acting (and their shrilling screams!) Also, the Mayor, with her big button and ‘mate’ were on spot with her acting. She really, truly was. And then the creepy crawly ‘thing’ in Fort Harmony’s Revenge. (I can’t say anymore without giving things away.)

On a scale of ten here’s how I rate this experience:
Scenes                 8   
Themes:              9
Make-up:            10
Costumes:          9
Things that go bump in the night:             10
                                                      Scare Factor:      6

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