Saturday, October 10, 2015

Haunted Hotel Review by Michala

Haunted Hotel Review by Michala Tyann

So this haunt was by far my most favorite last year. It scared the bejeebies out of me. The scenes and themes were spectacular. The makeup and costumes were first rate. The scare factor was off the charts.
Needless to say, they were going to have a hell of a job getting me to like it as much as I did last year. High expectations and all that. It's really hard to one-up yourself when you've hit a homerun.

So, my thoughts this year. As always, it was truly a pleasure getting to speak with the owner and hear his excitement as he talked about the time, energy, and money spent in making this year awesome. I still had my doubts that he could do as well as he did last year (for me anyway.)

Waiting in the VIP line (and it's totally worth the extra pennies) was fun. The workers kept us entertained and laughing, even through the cold weather. When we entered, and the wait wasn't long due to the VIP access, the scares began.

I can't say there was any part of the attraction that didn't please me. I was scared spectacularly. The monsters and themes were pleasing in the most brutal, fearfully fun manner. The animatronics were spot on in their timing and functionality. The actors were precise and always in character. The whole thing was a blast.

And to top it off...the ending was as big as the big bang for me. I tell you the truth, when I finally exited the hotel I had to stand in one spot for at least a good seven minutes. I was out of breath, shivering and shaking, and my heartbeat...I could feel it pulsing in every single vein. It was superb.

I wanted to be very careful with this review because, well, because it was so good, I don't want to provide spoilers. I would put this haunt as being #2 in all of Louisville. Maybe even a tie for first place, it was just so fan-frickin-tastic. It's worth it in all ways to go through this haunted attraction if you are looking for a real good scare. Sure there are other haunts with some nice makeup and things that go bump in the dark, but if you want more...if you want BIGGER...if you want to be SCARED...than this is the haunt for you.

Scene                10                                        
Themes:              10
Make-up: & costumes           10
Things that go bump in the night:           10 
Scare Factor:                                           10

Overall Scare Score: 10

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