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Ashley T: Blog Owner & Reviewer


Hi, I'm Ashley, owner of the blog and Reviewer!

Growing up in LaGrange, I was always close enough to Louisville to appreciate all the city has to offer. Then when I was old enough to go to haunted houses, I became a junkie - a haunted house addict who spends way too much time (and money) getting scared. So I decided what better way to put my obsession to use than to review haunts for others to read, helping them decide if they wanna go or not. Thus...Locally Louisville was born.  
I'm a little sarcastic, I'm quirky, and, yes, even weird at times, but I'm bubbly and energetic about 80% of the time. There's never a dull moment around me. Oh, and I'm going to survive the zombie apocalypse, so I'll see you on the other side. If you can make it...

Fun Facts
  • Favorite Horror Movie: The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise
  • Most Afraid of: Clowns, spiders, closed in spaces
  • What I Like Most in a Haunted Attraction: focus on realistic looking props/scenery, good acting, fear elicited from realistic situations, unique spins on classic favorites, genuinely terrifying, and in-your-face action with adult themes
  • What I Dislike Most in Haunts: all the frights being someone jumping out and screaming at you, in-your-face acting that crosses the line to be bullying and/or sexual or otherwise inappropriate, empty rooms that don't build suspense but are instead boring, and lazy acting/scenery/props
  • Hobbies: reading, writing, crocheting, reviewing venues, watching scary movies, and spending time with family
  • One Random Fact About Me: I have an obsession with socks.

Michala Tyann: Reviewer

Hi! I'm Michala. I'm super excited to be a part of Locally Louisville. I've lived in Louisville for over ten years but I am only just learning about the awesome sites this city has to offer. And of course, I'll share my experiences with you! I'm married (17 yrs) with three children. I have my MA in Professional Counseling and am currently a Family Crisis Intervention Specialist. I have lived in several state including Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Seattle, WA and even overseas in Germany. I LOVE the medley of cultures Louisville has to offer and can't wait to get out and see it all.

Fun Facts
  • Favorite Horror Movie: Thirteen Ghosts, Silent Hill, Saw, and all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies
  • Most Afraid of: Insects and spiders
  • What I Like Most in a Haunted Attraction: SCARE FACTOR. I want to be scared. No...I mean, I want to be TERRIFIED!!!
  • What I Dislike Most in Haunts: Long Dead Air. I don't want to walk around more than a minute without something happening around me.
  • Hobbies: Writing novels, blogging, and reading
  • One Random Fact About Me: Growing up, the closest movie theatre was the drive-in. If you know anything about drive-ins, you always get two for the price of one. So today, whenever I go to a theatre, I always have to watch two in a row. It's a ritual of mine.

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