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Locally Louisville started off as two chicks who were such haunted house fanatics they started reviewing the haunts they visited. But something terrifying happened...people actually started visiting our blog and reading our reviews. Because of this we are extending our reviews beyond the Haunting season.
We are a team of two chicks eager to experience what Louisville has to offer. Visit our Meet the Team page when you have a chance! With two on the team you get a.) more reviews, and b.) diverse perspectives and different opinions.
Our reviews are honest, unbiased reviews based upon our experiences. We do not take bribes for good reviews, although we do like freebies and goodies (hey, who doesn't?). Although we don't go to haunts for freebies, we go to get SCARED!
 We will post our initial scores immediately after our visits and as time permits we will post reviews.
Regardless of how good, bad, or ugly, we will always be honest.. If you have a shoddy haunt, don't expect a 5 star review. Likewise, if we feel we cannot give an unbiased or fair review, we will not post it. 
 Just like it isn't right to give a haunt a good review if they didn't earn it, if for some reason we feel we can't give a fair review, we won't tarnish the name of a haunt. That HAS happened, though only once.

We're really excited for the 2015 Haunted House Season!!  Here's the list of haunts we're considering/investigating, in no particular order: (Those in red have been reviewed already!)

*Baxter Ave Morgue                             *Haunted Hotel
*Industrial Nightmare (4 haunts)           *Asylum Haunted Scream Park
*Nightmare Forest                                *Field of Screams
*Ice House                                           *Rails of Death
*Waverly                                              *7th Street Haunt
*Cobb's Haunt                                       *The Devil's Attic
*Fear Fair (IN)                                       *Danger Run
*Culbertson Mansion                              *Grim Trails
*Hetzer Haunted House                          *Blood Orchard (Shelbyville)
*Sinister Tombs (ETown)                        *Hillview Haunted Forest??
*Dead End Hotel

Any others you'd like to see us review? Have a tip? Comment or shoot us an email and let us know!!

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