Thursday, October 1, 2015

Danger Run Clue-Seeking Fun

Danger Run Review by Michala Tyann

This review does not include the haunts along Danger Run. It simply is me rating my experience with Danger Run, the clue seeking thrill ride.
I will not disclose any locations. I do however, with my other reviews give some themes just because I know that Danger Run offers different routes.

I went into this evening knowing there were a few complaints on the previous nights. Those in charge over Danger Run listened and altered some things to make improvements. I don’t know what those complaints were but I will say, I personally believe that Danger Run proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they hear us when we tell them our thoughts.

We began our thrilling evening at Lowe’s on Hurstbourne. As last year, the crew there was very helpful, entertaining, and eager for us to begin our fun-filled evening.

The clues were not too bad. We only got turned around a few times. This was better than last year so I suppose our clue solving skills have improved. This year was a bit different in that we were actively involved with communicating our evening with Danger Run through twitter. This was the best part of the whole haunt/drive.

I absolutely loved that I could tweet things and they would send cheesy replies, creepy pictures, and promising us what was to come. This made it feel so much more interactive and I want to give huge KUDOS to those who were in control of twitter responses.

With tweets like:
Wait….you have one more.
Hope none go home with her (we were talking about spiders)
I will be glad to eat you….meet you.
Good luck….we will be waiting.

Almost every time I tweeted to them, they responded quickly and quirky. This year was so much better than last simply because those behind the scenes of Danger Run were basically following me along on my path of madness and mayhem. Stay tuned for my review of each of the three haunts. Coming Tomorrow!!!

I would give them a 10/10 this year!

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  1. We heard you reviewed us and read what you posted,
    I am pleased you had fun and left us un-roasted,
    I'm the Twitter guy praised,
    My salary's been raised,
    All because you were sufficiently ghosted.

    Thanks for running with us.
    The OGDB