Friday, October 2, 2015

Baxter Avenue Morgue Review

Baxter Avenue Morgue Review by Michala Tyann
Upon arriving to this haunt, the rain was finally letting up. Lucky us! We got in the very short line-like six people only. We were already a little concerned because there were no outside entertainers. All we saw was, behind us in the dark alley, five or six people standing around. We wondered if it was possibly some actors on a break maybe. Finally we got our first entertainer. A short, thin guy who acted like he had severe mental problems. He wasn’t really suited up to look scary but his acting was kinda on point. I had to wonder if there actually was something wrong with him.

When we finally got up to the front door, and it didn’t take long, we were a bit surprised and, honestly, somewhat baffled. The three gentlemen were totally in the mindset of freaking us out. They asked our names and then began calling us by our names and opening and shutting the door, letting us hear them tell whoever was beyond the door, inside the ‘morgue’ our names.

We were then led in…one person at a time. This is what weirded us out a bit. Never have we been asked to go in alone, apart from the gang. But we played along, of course.

Ashley went in first and was in there for some time before I was allowed to enter. When I went in, I was led through another door into a room, decorated all Halloween-ish. Now, I can’t delve too deep into what was said and who was in here because I’m against spoilers if I can possibly not do so. But I will say a bit about my brief experience in this room.

They totally messed with my head. The madness and creepiness was well thought out and terrifically portrayed by the actors. There were definitely moments where my back was against the wall and I was feeling the chaos settling into my stomach with chills running down my back. The entire scene was well done.

That is about all I can say for this haunt however. Sadly, due to the rain and other issues, the rest of the haunt was ill-equipped to take on visitors. So much so, that when I got to the end I was curious and confused. The manager came up to Ashley and me and apologized for the issues that they were having. He asked us to come back when things were fixed properly.

My scoring can only be towards the initial room/scene. The rest, I sadly cannot give anything towards. It would be irrelevant as I was unable to experience the true haunt in its fullest and best aspect.

Scene                    8                                           
Themes:              7
Make-up:            7
Costumes:           7
Things that go bump in the night:           9 
Scare Factor:                                              8

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