Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fandomfest 2015 Review

What's up, everybody? Ash here, and I let my Geek Flag fly at Fandomfest 2015 this year. Since it's quite possibly the largest geek event in the city and a yearly event, I figured I'd give you some insight into my geekdom experience.

For starters, this was my second Fandomfest and in fact my second convention ever. After experiencing it last year I had super high expectations, and in some ways this year's event delivered. In other aspects, it needed a lot of improvement. Case in point: the celebrities. Yes, we had Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia, from Star Wars, for you non-geeks), but the other two celebs from Star Wars cancelled. I get it, the convention can't control what the actors/celebs do and sometimes schedules conflict, but in reality those three plus Jay and Silent Bob were the only really big names there this year. I didn't really fangirl over anyone else. Sure, you had Kevin Nash and Reggie Jackson (who was overcharging by far for autographs!) but really, nobody else notable. We bought a photo op with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles expecting them to be in costume and ended up with a bunch of faces we don't really know, which we are okay with but we don't really know who is who. Just based on last year's experience we kept hoping new awesome celebs were gonna be added, but instead we lost the only other two we wanted to meet. It was just disappointing, and we hope like hell next year they get better celebrities, because if we're going to spend that much money on tickets we want to meet awesome people.