Monday, July 21, 2014

We're Updating!!

To get ready for the Haunted House season, I've started reorganizing and updating the blog! The About Us page is going through updates, and a new page has been added to meet the reviewers, which is still being updated, so there's not much there just yet. The reviewed venues will be getting an update, and the blog is getting a facelift soon. I hope everyone else is getting as excited as I am for the upcoming screams and terror!!

~ Ash

Monday, July 14, 2014

Guess What's Coming...

Can you believe it's already halfway through July?  2014 is whizzing by at warp speed! 

You know what else that means, right? It's almost Halloween!! Yay!!

This year, we have some changes. For starters, Aly and I...well, we've parted ways. So she won't be joining the fun or sharing her experiences. But never fear, I'm bringing in fresh meat to partake in the terrors and nightmares. My dear friend Michala will be joining me this year, and I'm working on getting another pair of reviewers together to hit more haunts and to give you more perspectives on all the best and scariest haunts to visit, as well as the ones you should probably avoid.

I'm working on a new review system too - a way to make it as fair and objective as possible while giving my awesome followers and readers the best reviews we can. AND I'm working on getting our website a logo/design all its own to help us stand out and be branded. 

A few changes coming this year, and I think the followers are going to be majorly impressed! I can't wait to step foot inside some new haunts as well as some standing favorites!! Comment below and tell me where you'd like to see us review this year! If you're a haunt operator/owner/PR rep, feel free to shoot me an EMAIL or comment below for review requests.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Heading to The Haunted Hotel!

So excited to be going out to s haunt again!! Tonight we're taking on The Haunted Hotel, and we'll post our review later this evening (in theory, though admittedly, it might not go live till someone tomorrow, lol)!! We have high expectations this year based on last year's visit, so we're super psyched!! Stay tuned and we'll let you know what we thought!!