Monday, October 8, 2012

Reviews NOT Haunted

Considering that it's Halloween season and I've been dyingly loyal to my haunted house reviews, I had some experiences yesterday that simply call for attention. Considering the biggest thing Louisville is known for, I decided that for things non-holiday related, I'll score my reviews on the Horse Scale, which will be outlined in the rating scale page. :)

The different rating scales was a bad idea, but the pics were too cute for me to change (especially the jackass) so I left this one be. We're rating everything on stars now. 

First, there was T-Mobile near the old Bashford Manor Mall. Okay, I get that you were busy with your whopping two customers and there were only two of you working there. What really got under my skin was the fact that we waited THIRTY MINUTES and were never even acknowledged. Nobody said hi, nobody apologized for the wait, no estimate on how long it would be or anything. I don't want to know the details, but you know if it's something that's going to take a while, so freaking tell me. I would have left to go eat lunch then come back at a better time. But no, these people just blatantly ignored us, and the other 4 customers who came in after us. We finally used my husband's phone and located another T-Mobile location, and ALL the rest of the customers, including us, walked out. This was not the first time this location pissed me off, either. I understand busy. I worked in the customer service field for 13 years. I have worked in sales. I have worked in tech support. I know what it takes to make your customers happy. This was not it. I don't want special treatment, I just want fair treatment. I will not return to this store ever again. I'll give it half a Horse out of 5 just because the building had walls and wasn't covered in cockroaches. Which, to be honest, is rather surprising.

Which brings me to review #2 of the day. We went to the T-Mobile store on Outer Loop near Jefferson Mall. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by a gentleman (whose name escapes me now, but I wish I could remember) who wore a smile and was clean-cut. My demeanor immediately changed. This store was buzzing with activity, the employees all willing to help and acknowledge your existence, and I felt welcomed. It was such a change from the first store! The gentleman managed to fix my phone-which I'm still boggled on how he did it, because it wouldn't turn on when he tried the first time, it wouldn't accept a charge when he plugged it in, but when he tried to turn it on again, it magically came on with a full charge and it's been working ever since. I suppose he has the magic touch! But even while we were working on my phone, he was trying to ask pertinent questions, engage us in conversation, and determine our needs to make sure we had the right services for our family. And here's the best part. Instead of trying to force a sale on us, he saw that the plan we have is what works best for us, and told us not to change a thing. He passed on a sale because he is a good salesperson and a good customer service representative. What really impressed me is when he told us that he's new. They are definitely hiring quality people at this location. The store was clean, bright, and friendly. I would give them 4.5 Horses, only docking them because it looks a little dingy from the outside and because T-Mobile is on my list. And this list is not a good list. I left there with a smile on my face and a working phone. I loved it.

Now we move on to the third review. Okay. This one was tough for me. We went to Olive Garden on Outer Loop by Jefferson Mall. We walked in, were immediately seated, our server was right with us, and we ordered. So far, pretty darn good service. We didn't have time to finish our salad before the first pasta bowls arrived. (We had gotten their endless pasta bowls, because it's the only way I can afford to feed my husband. He's a bottomless pit!) So, we set aside the salad and started on our pasta. Yum! But just like every other Olive Garden restaurant, nothing out of the ordinary. I just love pasta. After a couple of bites, our server asks us if she should put in the order for the next bowl. Thinking we'd have a considerable wait since it was close to dinner time by then, we put in our order. About 4 bites later, our second bowls arrived. We had barely eaten our first bowls. Thankfully, the second round bowls were so hot that by the time we got finished with our first bowls, they were still hot. Well, I tried a different sauce, and didn't care for it, so I requested a third bowl, and it arrived in 2 minutes. All was right in pasta world. Until my hubby had to go to the bathroom. The server came by and said she was going to bring us a couple of to-go boxes, and I was thinking she was just going to drop them off to us just in case. Well, imagine my surprise when she comes back, I take a bite of food, and she grabs my bowl and dumps it into a box while I'm still chewing, a look of sheer shock plastered on my face. Then she dumped my husbands food in a box, took the silverware and bowls, and left. I just stared after her, wondering who the hell she thought she was to assume that since I was literally still eating that it was okay to take my food and box it up. No, I wasn't going to order more, but I couldn't even finish my meal because she took my fork! Then Andy came back, requested a to-go bowl while he finished his meal, and the server NEVER CAME BACK. Really? You decide where endless ends? We waited another 20 minutes for his to go box, and finally just left. Of course, he had to change the tip before leaving, because that was just rude. I give it 3 Horses. Not really worth returning. Which is sad, we go there frequently. But the nerve of that woman who started off great was just appalling. Another disappointing experience for the day.

So, to recap, since I just ranted for longer than I'm sure anyone cares enough to read....

T-Mobile near Bashford Manor = .5 Horse (aka- the Jackass)
T-Mobile near Jefferson Mall = 4.5 Horses
Olive Garden on Outer Loop = 3 Horses

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