Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dangerously Frustrated with Danger Run!!

Tonight was the biggest waste of time and money that I've experienced this Halloween season. The four of us decorated our vehicle and headed out to the Danger Run. We got there, got our clues, and were on our way. The clues this year were incredibly difficult, more so than previous years. It was poor wording at best, and there were several times it took all four of us to decipher the clue. Fine. We eventually made it to the haunt after an hour and 45 minutes. Not the worst ever, but far too long for so few clues, and most of our time was spent on the side of the road trying to figure out the meaning behind it. We checked in at the Danger Run tent, and the guy working there told us that the line was shorter for the zombie apocalypse part of the haunt, which was something none of us had tried before, so we decided to go for the shorter line. Boy, were we misled! The other line was zipping by us and as we approached TWO HOURS of waiting in line and still not even in the last-or second to last-zigzag of a line, we finally decided to bail. Our feet were killing us, we were cranky, and it was 1am already. Nearly 4 hours for nothing. Not one scare. Actually, there was one scare, made by Aly in the parking lot of Steak-N-Shake. Of course, we didn't get to go to the second part of the Run either.

What really rubbed me the wrong way was that I had tweeted about going to Danger Run and that we were almost to the first haunt. They tweeted back stating there were significant wait times for both haunts. Fine, whatever, significantly long I can handle. THAT, however, was unacceptable. I didn't pay good money for the waiting-in-line ride. It seriously was not moving, except when another group bailed. I have never in my life seen a haunted house move so slowly. I never saw anyone even go in, we all just seemed to stand there like sheep. Well, I grew tired of being a sheep. I tweeted my dissatisfaction, and I posted it on Facebook, and my only consolation was that it was a "very busy night for Danger Run so wait times are pretty long," and that our "tickets are good every night the haunts are open." That was after I told them that this was the one and only night my husband could go with us, so that was super helpful. (Please note the sarcasm.)

I'm not rating this one until I get the rest of the experience, although one thing I would like to suggest to Danger Run - GET NEW HAUNTS!!! I love Asylum, but you have used them for at least the last 3 years since I started going. I don't want to keep going to the same damn thing every year! You're supposed to change it up, we the customers want something new, something exciting. You've used Industrial in the past quite a bit too, so please change it up. Give us our money's worth!!

I'll be going back soon, and hopefully I can find someone to buy the ticket from me or find a way to get my hubby out of working that night, though I doubt it. Danger Run better shape up for the second half, and Asylum might wanna get more efficient. Next weekend, I EXPECT to be scared. And if you can't deliver, expect a crappy review. On all three attractions.


  1. We greatly appreciate your feedback and we are sorry to hear of your poor experience. You will be happy to know that the Danger Run has all new haunts for 2013 and we have made significant improvements to reduce wait times. The biggest change is now the Danger Run has partnered with 4 haunted houses. Each route still only includes 2 attractions enabling us to split the crowd across 4 haunts instead of 2. This also gives you the ability to visit Danger Run multiple times for completely different experiences. Lastly, you will no longer need to wait at a start gate because this year, for the first time, you can start right from your own driveway by starting online. We hope to see you again this year on Danger Run.

    The Danger Run

    1. Thanks for the response, Danger Run. I do feel the need to point out this post was made at nearly 3:30am after a rather bad night, so my apologies for so much negativity-rereading it just now, I may have been a bit harsh. It WAS incredibly frustrating, and I can think back on it bitterly, but we've had many good, fun experiences with Danger Run. (Admittedly, there was one limmerick that was nearly impossible to figure out, and we spent a LOT of time driving on the same roads for significant times, which set the expectation of a frustrating night early on.) Aly and I will absolutely be returning, one bad experience can't scare us off, and we have already discussed leaving as soon as it gets dark so we can hopefully visit both haunts in one night. With any luck, we'll be able to take the run twice and get the full experience. We are looking forward to a full Halloween season this year and as always, anticipating the run. We've been following on Facebook trying to win free tickets on Freebie Fridays, even. :)

      So again, thank you, and I look forward to having the shit scared out of us in a few weeks. Happy haunting!!