Sunday, September 27, 2015

Haunted Review - 7th Street Haunt: Ft. Harmony's Revenge (by Ash)

Ha! Two in a row before anyone else's reviews go live! I'm on a roll!!

Okay, so before I jump into part two of the review for 7th Street, there was a brief interlude where they were offering casket rides for $5. Being the brave person I am - STOP LAUGHING!! - I decided to give it a whirl. Well. The casket is narrow and I'm not, so I now know what a corndog feels like. Then they were having mechanical issues. I couldn't help but laugh, mostly because that's how my luck goes. So while I waited there for them to get the thing to work, Kay grabbed my phone and took some very unflattering pics that I simply had to share.

Okay, so they got it to start and soon enough realized I had no audio so I didn't get the full experience, but I walked away with one very valuable piece of knowledge I never knew I didn't want to know. Rotting flesh smells putrid and I was nearly gagging for fresh air by the time they opened the lid for me. Come to find out they pump scents into the coffin. Very clever! Gross, but clever.

Back to 7th Street Haunt: Fort Harmony's Revenge!

So after the casket ride we were introduced to the mayor of Fort Harmony - because she stole the button and was now the new mayor. Cause that's how things work in Fort Harmony. She gave us the rundown and rules, and we were led into a new nightmare.

I'll keep it brief this time and just say the props, scenery, and everything from The Experiment carried over to the totally and utterly revamped Fort Harmony's revenge. There was an enormous effort made to transform the haunt into this new and improved version with an even better storyline. I'm not gonna lie here, I enjoyed not having the video to watch. Instead we got to jump right into the action.

There were two differences between the haunts that I have to point out. One is that there were some rooms in Fort Harmony that had no actors, and some of them were in a row. Now, we were informed after the fact that some of the actors were out that night, so that could've easily been the problem, but it was still kind of a drag, so I have to be honest and point it out. Second, there was one room with clowns. I hate clowns. But I come to haunted houses to be scared stupid, and I expect nothing less. That being said, I saw no actual clowns. I was told by Jenn and Kay that there was one clown, but he showed up behind me so I never saw him. Or her. So I was a little disappointed in that, I usually get a great clown fright from Fort Harmony, but this time I didn't and was a little sad.

Now, there is one dude - I don't know his name, but he is one agile little dude and he kept popping back up everywhere. I loved him. He was funny and at the same time unnerving. I hope he sticks around for years to come!!

Okay, so for Fort Harmony I'm giving it 8/10, and the only things that really hurt the score might be out of their control, like actors not showing up. I hate having to dock the score for that, but we're honest here at LL.

So that puts my overall score for 7th Street Haunt experience at 9/10 stars. That's a pretty tough score to get from me, I'm harsh. but for the evening, it was by far my favorite haunt and the most fun I've had overall. 7th Street Haunt is a contender among some of the Louisville Haunt Giants, and they should be the ones afraid...

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