Thursday, October 1, 2015

Devil's Attic Review

Devil’s Attic Haunted Attraction Review by Michala Tyann.

Disclaimer: I personally do not enjoy giving negative reviews. I believe there is always a little of good in anything, even from a negative experience. I always share my experiences honestly and candidly. However these are my personal experiences. 

Going into this with a Groupon Discount, I still felt that this haunted attraction was too costly for such a brief visit. sIt really was a short excursion into the dark side of the Devil’s Attic. They did have some terrific themes going on within the attraction. Unfortunately, I don’t feel as though they did enough with them. Their characters were well dressed and make-up was decent, some even fantastic. And yet, I felt it all lacked something significant. There were some that got real close and personal-like all up in my face. And I LIKED THAT! I want that. I want you to scare me, but don’t hit me. Not with your body and not with your props.  I didn’t get hurt or anything…though I did have to rub at the pain a little on my arm. It wasn’t big enough to make a fuss about and I do believe it was on accident so I didn’t go further with it. Just be warned, there are some that do get ‘lost’ in the chaos of the scare and you may get touched.

I hated the blah kind of feeling I experienced through it all. Now, the group I was with included my fellow reviewers as well as a father and his three children. (One of the young boys cried the entire time and it kind stunted my experience-but that wasn’t the fault of the production or actors.) What was their fault was…they told me to stand in the back. I was literally moved to the back and to the side during this event…letting the younger ones move up front. No one puts Kayla in the corner! And they didn’t just do this to me. They did it to one of the others in my group. I completely disliked this aspect and it really stunted my experience.

As I already said, the make-up was good. There was a section of long pitch black and I really enjoyed this. It isn’t for everybody though. Still, even without actors, make-up, ect…to me, it’s just really creepy walking through dark corridors. I did think there were moments-lengthy moments where I found myself waiting for something to happen during the walk through The Devil’s Attic and was sorely disappointed when nothing happened. It’s what I call long dead air. And long dead air is no good to me.

I will say I’d like to highlight a great scene where there was a lot of blood splatter. Very creative portion. Other scenes lacked effort and appeal. It really was hit and miss through the entire experience. The Jackel was pretty neat and I liked the ‘multi-personality dude”. Man, that guy with the head plate acted 100% in character. I might have even wondered whether he really was crazy.

On a scale of ten here’s how I rate this experience:
                             Scenes:               5                             
Themes:              5
Make-up:            6
Costumes:          6
Things that go bump in the night:             6          
                                                      Scare Factor:      5

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