Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haunted Review - Devil's Attic

So after the bust in Indiana, my pals Steph and Amy-and of course, me-decided to go head to another haunt. Despite cell phone issues for all three of us, we managed to navigate to The Devil's Attic. It was raining, and cold, so we were very glad when we were led inside to the warmth!

First off, there when we walked in, we were greeted by the Devil himself, and the screams began. I have to give credit, they had the pop-out-and-scare effect down pretty well, and they got more than a few screams out of the three of us based on that alone. The costumes were pretty phenomenal, too, starting with the Devil, and realistic. I love how a lot of haunted houses nowadays are steering away from the typical Freddy/Jason/Michael Meyers themed haunts, and this was no exception. It's a pleasant change to actually be scared and it not be the same damn characters you see everytime you go to a haunt.

As for the layout, they made pretty good use of the space, so it was just cozy enough to not make you wanna claw your eyes out. We heard the chainsaw guy shortly after we entered the haunt, but he was a bit of a surprise.

Actually, speaking of chainsaw guys, I knew Amy was terrified of the chainsaw, but I had no idea Steph was terrified of it too. I got used as a human shield by Steph, Amy took off running, and I barely stayed on my feet as she's pulling me backward but in awkward angles. Remind me to stay far, FAR away from Steph when the chainsaw guy comes out! If only we had pictures of that...

The biggest downside was that it was way too short. It literally only took 10 minutes-if that-from ticket purchase to getting back into the car. In all honesty, it just wasn't enough time to really work up a sweat or to get really really scared. It wasn't the absolute scariest haunted house in the world, but if it were longer, it might be better. It was entertaining, but other than the pop-out-and-scare factor, the actual scary part was about average. Nothing really phenomenal stood out to me that would make me want to keep going back. I may or may not revisit the haunt, but if I do, I'd recommend lowering the price. While it was fun, if we had gone during peak hours, we would have had a long ass wait for an extremely short haunt, and we would have still paid $20 for it. I don't think it's worth $20 when the only thing remarkable about the haunt was how remarkably short it was.

All in all, I'd give this haunt 3 Ghosts. Set design was pretty good, and the costumes were good, which really saved this haunt in my opinion. The fact that it relied too heavily on the startling jump-out scare tactic was a little disheartening, considering they could have done more with the storyline. I did get scared from it, but I was just expecting more. Not a bad haunt, a little overpriced, but worth visiting once.

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