Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coming Up...

Just a friendly reminder (like you could forget it!) this upcoming weekend I'll be on Danger Run with my friends, and after we're through beating each other with limericks and once we're not lost anymore, we get to hit up two haunts, plus review the Run itself. I have no doubt that the Danger Run will have us at each other's throats, and my dyslexia is going to have us lost in an unfavorable neighborhood. Again. I don't know the haunts that are included in the Run, so if I end up writing a review for the same one again, my apologies, but maybe the experience will be different. Also, we'll be visiting Asylum Haunted Scream Park soon, too. If I can do enough coercing, we might even make it a double hitter weekend and go to both haunts! Or, we might not make it till next weekend. But we're running out of time, so other than the Asylum, anything else you guys want us to review? 

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