Friday, October 17, 2014

Haunted Review by Ash - Danger Run ***SPOILER ALERT!!!***

I know y'all have just been DYING to know what we thought of Danger Run, haven't ya? Lucky you, I'm here to dish about our experience with Danger Run 20!!

Well, first off, we had some pre-Danger Run fun by modeling some epically horrifying wigs and decorating Michala's car. Oh yeah. We are badass.

(Michala's gonna beat my ass for posting this pic...) 

(How awesome are those Pac Man ghosts??) 

After making complete asses of ourselves, we finally make it to the starting gate, get our pic taken as car of the night, get registered, get our book of clues, and we were released into the wild unknown abyss of Louisville. And since I'm a complete moron, we messed up on the very first clue. Then again, we were still kinda goofing off...

Finally righting ourselves, we got started around 8:30ish (I think) and with Michala driving and me navigating, it was a rather interesting experience! We got incredibly turned around and lost, and had to backtrack quite a ways because we just totally screwed up. Then we ended up in the "Ghost Town" and that's where things finally got a little creepy and scary. 

It ended up taking us two hours to get to the first haunt, and since it took a little while to get through it, by the time we finished and got back to the car, we didn't have time to follow the clues to get to both of the other two haunts. It's the first year that I've been doing Danger Run that we've had to cheat and look up the haunts without even attempting to solve the clues. That was a little frustrating for me. It would have been much better to keep it at two haunts or to make the clues between the starting point to haunt 1 (then subsequently between the other haunts) about half that length. I don't know how anyone could have visited all three haunts and still followed the directions. It just took too long. Not to mention had we followed the clues (time be damned) we would have gone WAY far away in one direction, WAY far away in the opposite direction, then WAY FURTHER away in the first direction again for the final haunt. I can't even begin to guess the number of miles, but it would have taken several more hours of driving. I doubt we'd even make it to the second haunt before they'd closed.

I wish I could review the rest of Danger Run, but I can't. We didn't get to finish, and that kinda sucked, but I hope they don't do this again. Last year was incredible, because we ended up getting to go on two different routes to a total of four haunts. Granted, it was $20 each time we went, but it was hella more fun that way because we actually got to finish the clues.


If you'd like to read the reviews of the haunted attractions on the Danger Run this year, click HERE, HERE, and HERE. I won't say which ones are on the Run for those of you still planning to take the challenge (and it really is a great value worth the money...for the most part), but if you wanna know, yes, we have reviewed all three at one point, and clicking the links will reveal all!

So, sadly, this year the run was kinda not so great, and I really feel I can only give this a 2.5 star review. It just took too long (and that's NOT because we got lost, that was at most twenty minutes worth of time we lost) and we barely made it to the haunts as it was. It was just really flawed in my opinion, and I really REALLY hope next year is better.

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