Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Haunted Review by Ash: 7th Street Haunt

It's here!! It's finally here!! The first haunted review of the season - are you excited??

First up we have the 7th Street Haunt. For starters, the outside was changed up a bit, having victims - er, guests - line up outside by the parking lot first, then you're sent down into a covered area, which for the cooler weather that's coming soon will be great, but our visit came on a day when it was over 80° so it was more like an oven! But I thought it was nice how we kept moving in little bunches, because we got the feeling of progress while waiting out turn. It was a nice touch. The photo op was goofy and fun, and another nice treat while waiting.

It was the same basic concept as previous years, which is still a unique idea that helps 7th Street stand out from other haunts. It has a theme of toxic destruction transforming the fictional town of Fort Harmony, KY, into a town of zombies and freaks. Michala and I were in the front of our group of six at first, then switched to the back when we learned one of the girls was a haunt virgin - it was her first time. And it was hilarious watching her get the Hell scared out of her!

Not actual couple, I borrowed this from Google images.

The scare factor was a little odd for me. Anyone who has been following this blog or my Facebook page or the Locally Louisville Facebook page knows I'm petrified of clowns. There weren't many of those, however the theme of the haunt doesn't allow for a lot of clowns, so that was okay. There was a lot of misdirection, so while you were looking at the creepy thing in the corner trying to figure out what it was, you didn't notice the creepy dude sneaking up behind you just before he scared the bejeebers out of you. That was clever and effective. A lot of the scares were designed to get the first couple or three people in the group, while the ones in the back of the group mostly got to watch, but there was a considerable effort by many of the actors to get the whole group.

The one thing that 7th Street never fails to deliver is the detail. The props, the scenes, the costumes, the makeup, the visual effects - there's just so much intricate detail in everything it's visually stunning. I really can't put it into better words than visually stunning, because there's a lot of hard work, time, effort, and dedication that goes into this haunt.

All said and done, I felt this haunt delivers a unique experience and some good scares. It is definitely one to check out. I give this haunt 4/5 stars overall, and highly recommend giving it a chance.


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