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Haunted Review by Michala - ***SPOILER ALERT!*** First Haunt of Danger Run

It is almost Halloween and Louisville, KY has already began some amazing haunts this year. If you are into haunted houses, trails, forests, and the like…this site is a great place to look at some reviews and see which ones you should hit and which ones you might want to skip.


Danger Run 2014

I got to do my first Danger Run this year with my best girl Ashley. We even decorated my car for it. I was the driver and Ashley the scavenger hunt clue reader. Together we solved the puzzles and clues and drove down windy roads…managed to get lost a few times, turned around other times (but aren’t you supposed to?) We made our way to the first haunted visit:

darkness falls


This little trip through the woods began with a short line, thankfully. Ashley and I made friends with a mother and son duo behind us and went in together. This was their first time too. This three quarters mile long walk through the woods was an excellent haunt in my opinion. The entire walk took about 45 minutes. I felt this was the perfect length. Parts of the haunt were done outside as we walked the trail and some scenes were inside. I don’t like to give too much detail about the things I saw because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  Darkness Falls went well beyond the breaking point for being scary. With monsters coming out at you in every direction (even above you and some flying past you) I screamed my head off a number of times.  The decor and make-up theatrics were quite good as well. The zombie aspects were creepy!!!

There wasn’t a minute that I found myself bored. The trip ensured that not only the front of the group got good scares but whenever we were in the back we got some good screaming action as well. Some trippy parts that dazed and confused (a clown maze), some dark and gory parts that made me cringe (the Pits of Hell), and an all and all excellent thrill (Flying Vampires). I was so happy this was my first haunt. It set the stage for a brilliantly creepy night. The actors/actresses knew their parts and stayed in character quite well. The trail was amazing in that there were dead ends and confusing passages that kept my attention and then when a scary creature comes out at me I was startled, scared, and ultimately thrilled beyond max.


I have three children ages 9, 11, and  15. I would be comfortable taking my eleven year old or fifteen year old to this one but definitely not my nine year old.

Here is an exclusive preview for any interested.

My final verdict:  4.5  stars out of 5 stars

Haunt Appearance: 4 stars
Quality of Acting: 5 stars
Realistic Props: 4 stars
Setup/design: 5 stars
Fear Factor: 5 stars
Shock Factor: 4 stars
Interaction: 5 stars


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