Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Next Review Victims...

Damn...174 hits in one day. You guys rock!! No, seriously, thank you. :)

So, we're taking votes on what haunts we should visit next. Could be as early as next weekend, but may have to wait until the weekend after. Cause, ya know...regular bills regrettably take precedence over haunted! So here's the grand list of potential haunts (in no particular order); chime in and tell us where we should go next!! Don't see your favorite haunt? Suggest it!!

  • Haunted Hotel
  • Baxter Avenue Morgue
  • Industrial Nightmare
  • Waverly Hills
  • 7th Street Haunt
  • Devil's Attic
  • Asylum Haunted Scream Park
  • Deatherage Ice House
  • Field of Screams
  • Nightmare Forest
  • Fear Fair (in Indiana)
  • Rails of Death
  • Drive-In of Terror
  • Grim Trails

It's a longish list, but I truly hate to leave anyone out!! Fear Fair is a rather long hike, so I'm hoping like hell if y'all say that one, that it's worth it!! :P

Okay, and....GO!!!

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