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Haunted Review - The Devil's Attic

Whew. I slept in late with a sore throat and exhaustion today. You'll find out why in this and the next review! This time, though, Aly and I brought in 2 extra victims-my baby brother Darren and his girlfriend (aw hell, she's already a sister to me anyway) Justis. And they provided some great insight and a good laugh at their screams. I've found that Justis is petrified of chainsaws. And that, my friends, is friggin' hilarious!

So, first on our night of terror, we hit up The Devil's Attic. First off, though, I gotta give a big thank you to Jason Besemann, who met with me beforehand and let me photograph some of his outside actors for the blog. He's awesome, as are all the employees, so major thanks for your hospitality and kindness!!

These guys were Awesome. Really awesome. And creepy. Lots of creepy.

They really liked Aly and Justis. Poor Darren might have some competition...

Okay, now for the review.

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Ashley's Take:

The Set Design

You know, I don't know if it was the RedBull or what, but the scenery looked really awesome, and a little different from last year. There were some very awesome scenes in here that actually induced fear enough for the four of us to form a chain (with me thrust to the front) to make our way through the maze of rooms adorned with some pretty intricate details. A lot of work goes into this design every year, and not only does it show, it pays off. I really loved the room with the...well, I can't spoil it, but let's just say the Jackal scared the bejeebers out of me.

The Actors

Honestly, I've come to think Louisville has some of the most talented actors and actresses out there. I wasn't let down in any way by the actors, who had me squawking and screaming as they threatened my life. The Devil...kudos for maintaining enough immobility to make me believe you really were a statue this year. And to the Priest and possessed woman who were forced to entertain the same single guy for a ridiculous time-that takes stamina to keep it up at that high of a level for that long.  Many of the actors really did maintain their stillness and hide in the shadows enough to really frighten us. Once again, you impressed me.

The Props

I'm not going to lie on this one. I was so busy screaming my head off that I can barely remember any props. Not that it's a stab at the props, but the only things I can remember are the cricifix the Priest was holding, and the chainsaw. I'm sorry for not remembering everything else, but really, that's a compliment.

The Shock Factor

There were more shocks than I can even number off here. Again, another compliment to both the actors and the designers for making us scream too much to remember. There was a happy balance here, because this haunt doesn't rely solely on the "Boo" factor. There was just the right amount to keep us on our toes and wondering when something else was going to pop up, doing so at just the right moment when we were distracted by the other elements of the haunt.

The Scare Factor

Again, a beautiful balance between shock and actual fear, though I will admit I refused to let go of Aly's hand at one point and she may or may not have lost some circulation for a while. It was definitely creepy and you just get filled with that feeling of dread and impending doom. You really didn't know what to expect walking around from room to room, with the anticipation building for the next horrifying scene.


I hate it when there are a bajillion Jason's and Freddy's, though by now you probably know this. It makes it almost impossible to have movie characters at all without seeming cliche. Thankfully, The Devil's Attic made it happen and they weren't cliche. Older movies like Pumpkinhead and Thirteen Ghosts were strong influences, and Hellraiser, too. If you don't know those movies, fine, you'll figure them out soon. If you DO, then you're awesome and you can appreciate that these characters are done fabulously (as are the others!). But it was original. Sure, there was a chainsaw, and every haunted house from here to eternity will have a chainsaw at some point, typically at the end. But everything about this house from the layout to the costumes to the actors and everything in between was very creative and original.

Other Factors Influencing My Rating

There was an obviously drunk or otherwise uncomprehending man who was either lost from his group or going through alone, and he didn't seem to get the idea that you are supposed to keep moving, not stand there and make the poor actors continue entertaining you after you've gotten your scare. He backed us up and made us lose the scary factor for the last few rooms. It wasn't the haunt's fault. In fact, the reason I mention this is because one of the employees came through and basically ushered him along so he woulnd't keep making us wait. It was really cool of them to get this guy out of our way, and we really REALLY appreciate that!! I only wish there was a minimum inebriation level to enter haunted houses, hehe!

The haunt was way longer this year than it was last year. (Well, in my opinion, it could still very well be the RedBull affecting my perception.) I recall last year it seemed to be about half as long, but this time, it seemed to just keep going, which is awesome. Because nobody wants to wait in line for a ten minute show, even if it's a fabulous ten minute show. This had to be longer. Either that, or it was so scary, it just seemed longer...

Overall Entertainment

This haunt really impressed me. It impressed all of us, really. The fun began as soon as you got inside the haunt and didn't end until you were outside again. It was fun, it was scary, and either I'm being very lenient or everyone is stepping it up this year, I can't find much of anything I didn't like about this haunt. I have to score it at 4.5 Stars. This was truly amazing and I screamed my throat out. Literally. My throat is killing me today and I woke up with half my voice. It was a huge improvement over last year's review, and I'm DYING to see what the coming years bring!!

Let's hear what Aly has to say!

Aly's Two Cents

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