Monday, July 22, 2013

Can You Feel It? It's Almost Here...

Are you ready for the 2013 haunting season? We sure as heck are! Although it's only the end of July, with a month and a half to go, we're already plotting what terrifying scares we'll be taking on, and we'll be starting early (like, say, opening weekend!) to get as many reviews in as early as possible. Check out some of the haunts we're considering!

Danger Run

Last year, we didn't get to complete Danger Run. Why? Because one of the haunts was so overly packed that we waited in line for over 2 hours, during which we only moved MAYBE halfway through the line, before bailing. We were disappointed, but never fear, we WILL be returning this year, both for Danger Run and the haunt we missed out on. This is the ONLY haunt that I can say that we WILL visit without a shadow of a doubt. A couple of groovy new highlights about this years run:

  • Buy online, and start from your driveway. How this works with mileage I'm not sure, but I'm supposing you have to input your address, it calculates the mileage to the first clue, then adds that into the final total mileage you should get. But I don't know, so don't hold me to it! Plus, the online ticket saves ya a buck. I like to save money. 
  • You get to go to two haunted houses with your ticket, but there are multiple courses that take you to DIFFERENT haunts! That's right, you can go on the run twice, and visit FOUR haunted houses. Holy monkey tails, that is amazing. You better believe that I'll be going to all of them! Meaning I have to hit Danger Run pretty darn early this year to avoid going to the same haunts twice!

Darkness Falls on Asylum/Asylum Scream Park

Now, I remember one particular part of this haunt requiring a physical ability that my surgically repaired knees may or may not be able to handle-at least in Darkness Falls. But there are three different attractions here plus the weird circus thing that's just flat out cool. You honestly think we won't be going here? I wanna see the zombies, damn it!

7th Street Haunt

Returning for its second year in its new home, I know the folks running this one, and I've been promised more scares than last year. And coming from these guys, that's code for "bring a change of drawers, you'll shit yourself." I recall last year nearly having a heart attack from the clown room, and ended up going the wrong way, bypassing half the haunt to get away from them. Damn clowns. Plus, I've heard rumors of some sort of live animals. I've been promised I won't die, though I think that was said with that sarcastic and maniacal laugh that tells me I'm so totally gonna die in there...

Baxter Avenue Morgue

I had such fun last year, and met the PR folks who gave me a little history, a little personal take, and a lot of screams. I can't make a judgment call on it yet, but I don't think I'll be let down this year either. I'm really looking forward to it.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Now, I used to go here every year, and I burned myself out on it. I haven't been in...woooooo, several years! So I'm really eager to see what they do with it nowadays. I'm especially hoping they have the morgue opened up again like they did one year we went. Man, that place is so rich with history...and ghosts...

The Devil's Attic

I hadn't been to The Devil's Attic before last year, though I'd heard of it. I swear, I really enjoyed it last year, and I follow on Facebook, and I have high expectations for this year. Which is both good and bad; good because I am really eager to go, bad, because now these guys and gals have to outperform themselves from last year. That could be a chore!

Industrial Nightmare/Industrial Terrorplex

Oh, how much I loved this place last year! They were actually the very first haunted house I ever visited in 2002, and I hadn't returned until 2012. Which I JUST realized means I have only visited twice, and the visits were a decade apart. (Man, getting old sucks.) I'm not a chainsaw freak out person, and I laugh my ass off at them usually. But I remember getting a little nervous about one part last year, and I'm hoping for an even better experience this year.

The Haunted Hotel

In all the years I've spent in Louisville, last year was the first time I'd been to The Haunted Hotel. What the HELL was I thinking? I know the folks last year gave us a great scare, and the elevator dude was creepy as hell, and...oh yeah, I'm eager about this one too.

Nightmare Forest/Trails of Terror

I haven't been to this one in a while either, but I remember it being a whole lot of fun. Of course, it was shortly after high school, so that meant I was pretty drunk and everything was fun. But in particular, I recall riding the Willy Wonka "boat" and damn near losing my mind. Man, I hope these guys deliver now like they did back then!!

Rails of Death

I'm willing to give this one another shot. We tried it last year, and it was a washout-literally, it rained, and we weren't aware it was an outdoor haunt. Like, I get it, rails...railroad tracks...but I've seen stranger things than to have an indoor haunt named after an outdoor detail. I was a little pissy last year, so I hope like hell these guys give off a superb show.

Drive-In of Terror

Now, I don't know if I'm actually gonna go to this one...time and availability will dictate whether or not I get to go (the same goes for a few others), but IF it still goes on, a scary movie and a haunted attraction at the Georgetown Drive-In sounds like a hella good time. We'll see how it goes, but I love scary movies, and I love haunted houses, so it could be a winner!

Deathrage Ice House

Okay, I haven't been here, but Aly and I have mentioned going a time or two. It's on the list, but don't hold your breath. Do you SEE what kind of schedule we have? We are going to be BROKE by the time Halloween gets here. Sorry kids, no candy this! But yeah, it's a big maybe. No offense to the folks at Deathrage!

13 Fears

While I don't even know if this one is still in operation, it's supposedly in Shepherdsville but I read somewhere they were relocating. Their website is down, but if anyone has any info on this haunt, feel free to pass it along to me. If it's operational and worth it, I may just have to find time to squeeze this one in!


Now, this one is in Lexington, but it's gotten good reviews and it looks pretty cool. Plus, it has a good price, $25 for 3 haunts, 2 sideshows, and a carnival-like midway. I don't know how I can make room in the schedule for this one, but if y'all tell me it's good I may have to bump another one and replace it with this one. Any thoughts??

So, that's the list. It's a long one, and I need to narrow it down. Since we're doing these reviews for you, how about giving me some insight as to what YOU would like us to review? I don't wanna just pick my favorites or pick randomly and miss the one or two you want to know about!

And haunted house owners, if your haunt isn't listed but you'd like a review, hit me up! I'm open to new haunts and always up for a good scare. 

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