Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pick Your Poison...

I am so freakin' ready for the weekend so I can go to another haunted house!! I'm still debating where to go, but Aly is on her way over and we're going to make a decision. Last chance to vote on where we should go this weekend! Options so far are:

  • Haunted Hotel
  • Baxter Ave Morgue
  • Asylum Haunted Park
  • Field of Screams
  • Deatherage Ice House
  • The Devil's Attic
  • Nightmare Forest
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  • Wolf Creek Haunted Forest
  • Cave of Fear (long ass drive, but dude, it's in a CAVE)
  • Culbertson Manor
  • Fear Fair in Seymour, IN (possibly the longest drive)

If there's another one I left out, please feel free to comment and tell me about it, because I did all the searching I could and this is all I could find. Well, there's one that I'm going to that's only open on Halloween, and I'm doing Danger Run after Aly's BF gets back in the country. (Damn business trips spoil everything!! Lol!)  

What's your pleasure? :)

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