Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Haunt Suggestions??

I have SO many haunted houses I want to go to this Halloween season! But, time and money won't allow that. So I need to know what haunted houses YOU are most interested in. Tell me your favorite haunts, the ones you're most curious about, and which ones you think sucked. I'll do my best to make a good list for you! Oh, and if you work for a haunt, let me know which one, and if I can, I'll let you know before I head to your haunt, and you can scare me to the point of peeing my pants. I'll LOVE it!!

Comment with your choices for haunted reviews!! 


  1. Go to the Asylum Haunted Scream Park!

    1. That's definitely one place we want to go, we've been to Darkness Falls on Asylum the last two years and loved it, though I had knee surgery this summer and there's one part I just don't know if my knee would handle it yet. Still, there are three other attractions I want to check out at Asylum, so we're going. Are you an employee of the haunt? Or a fan like we are? :)